Amazon Articles

Mobile/Desktop Re-Design

July, 2015


In May of 2015 I joined's Engagement Design Group as one of the new designers. During my first few weeks I helped the team work on "Articles". Early on, Amazon partnered with content creators to develop articles around a theme like Home Decor, Lifestyle or Lawn and Gardening. I was given an early visual design treatment and decided to take a light approach, using simple elements and just having the products and content be the focus.


Desktop Design

I thought that it was important for us to share the uniqueness Amazon brings with it’s products so I went with a simple fluid layout allowing the mobile elements to be stacked while on desktop we'd break out the product information into two columns, moving the images to the left and the product information on the right. I used the product names to serve as the title followed by the price and if it's prime eligible as the sub-info. My goal was to allow customers to easily scan the information with predictability- if the images are important to them they can focus on one particular area, as with price and so on.



Ingress Images on Mobile and Desktop